The WineWoman

The WineWoman 

               By Tell Me Wine

You obviously know the MilkMan? 
Let us now introduce the WineWoman!

Fancy getting wine monthly/fornightly/weekly straight to your door?

We deliver free of charge within a 5 mile-radius of Chepstow or you can collect.
Subscription from 6 bottles per week/fornight/month, you can choose the colour you want and swap whenever you wish to. (Price are shown on the downloadable form).
Why should I subscribe?
1- It's Unique, Eco-friendly and a Money saving
2- We usually offer French, Spanish or Italian quality wines, which can be tasted at the shop at anytime
2- It's easy, no need to pop in before coming back home, the wine will wait for you straight to your door
3- You support a local business
4- We are flexible, only 3 months subscription is required (automatically renewable if you don't ununscribe by sending an email)
How does it work?
1- Upload and print the below form, select the package which suits you the best, complete your details and send it back to us by email to: or drop it at the shop.
2- We will send you a confirmation of your subscription by email.
3- Enjoy!                                   

Download the form