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    • Premium Vodka

    It’s a walk through the heart of the garrigue, where the scents of juniper, grape, lemon zest, bitter almond, coriander and lavender mingle 40% - 50ml £7 - Add Coke £1.50

    • Premium Spiced Rum

    A light golden organic rum distilled from pure sugar cane and flavoured with organic spices – vanilla, ginger and a hint of chilli 37.5% - 50ml £7 - Add Coke £1.50

    • Blended Malt Whisky

    Smooth and buttery mouthfeel. The finish is long, rich and warm. 40% - 50ml £7 - Add Coke £1.50

    • Penderyn Welsh Whisky Distillery

    46% - 50ml £8 - Add Coke £1.50


    • Calvados Fine VS

    On the nose there is well developed fresh apple aromas followed with a straight-forward and distinct flavour pleasing to all palates 40% - 50ml £6

    • Armagnac Reserve

    Cinnamon and nutmeg, with a touch of white pepper. Creamy vanilla and brioche. Apricot pastries develop later on 40% - 50ml £6

    • Cognac VS

    Pale, brilliant amber colour. An intense, tempting bouquet with floral and fruity notes, and a hint of oak. Balanced and well-rounded with vanilla, pear and white peach aromas. 40% - 50ml £7

Fortified Wines

    • Pineau des Charentes Rouge

    A noble Pineau from Merlot grapes, refined varietal nose underscored by the natural juice and the vigour of the Cognac, a must-have aperitif. 17% - 50ml £5

    • Ruby Port

    Rich, intense & Fruity
    Full-bodied, smooth-dark berry flavours. 20% - 70ml £5

    • White Port

    Pale colour and medium sweetness. Pleasantly fruity bouquet which maintains its pale colour over a long period. 20% - 70ml £5